Everyone is surrounded by actions and their results. A person works day in and day out towards goals that are immediate, short term and long term in nature. Sometimes the results may put you down and sometimes they can fire your spirit to rise to greater heights.

When we witness success , one gets easily seduced by the charm it brings with it. For failure, no one bothers to even look or consider.

There are many who come forth to hail a person on top of their shoulders in times of success. But in failure, no one comes forth to even lift the person from the ground. It is important to be there when your near and dear ones face failure. Sincere gentle gestures and kind words go a long way in helping a person stand on their feet so that they can once again attempt and live.

Try to make sure that when in need the “Hand of Grace” that reaches out to others is yours. You never know when you too will need a “Hand of Grace” to get up back on your feet.

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Food For Thought

We are all trying to move from one place to another in our life. Be it in education, career, social status etc – for convenience say from Point A to Point B.

We use all the skill under over command to try and complete the endeavor and then focus on moving ahead further in all spheres of life – Point C.

In these hectic times, how many times do we bother to look back to ones on other side of bridge, trying hard to cross the bridge you have just crossed. They might have been trying longer than you to achieve their goal. For every person the goals might be the same but circumstances vary from one individual to another. The ones who are still trying can use your experience, expertise, guidance, wisdom and more to reach their own Point B or Point C in various spheres of life.

As you see them trying their heart out every single day, will you help or only focus on moving to your personal Point C – Your call.

Knowingly or unknowingly you might have learned from their efforts, their failures, miseries and built your foundation on it that enabled you to reach the position of success you enjoy.

But do remember – in life, at some point or other, wherever you are – wherever you have been – you have always stood on the shoulders of giants who have toiled to lift you to great heights. These giants may have been your parents, teacher, friends – anyone whose mere presence directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly helped you to stand on the pedestal of success from where you aim to moving on to even greater heights.

As you work to shake and stir the world, remember there are some who are building theirs. Will you help those in need and in process enrich your and their lives or will you focus on your journey ahead – Your call.

This post is only but – Food for Thought 

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Rat Race

Life, instead of living, in today’s world has been transformed into a race.

One needs to have a plan at hand for every day, week or according to task at hand. Sometimes you hit all the right cords sometimes miss some. It is all sunshine if you manage to seize the moment and somewhere between or under the stars and the drain if you miss. It is tough but life always is. Treasure the moments when it is easy on you, for you never know what the future may hold.

Winning and loosing depends on so many factors that are very difficult to count upon. Some tangible and others intangible.

In this race it’s okay to pause every now and then, reevaluate the goals, strategy and move ahead. Never abandon life for meaningless pursuits that only provide momentary euphoria.

Don’t forget to live. Celebrate if things go as per plan, cheer up if they don’t – re-evaluate, change your strategy, bide some time and again go for it. When the dust settles down at the end of the day, it will be you and you alone answerable to yourself.

So, don’t forget to be kind to yourself – if you don’t who will.

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Dream On

Dreams can teach you so much. They are like a slide show wherein every slide has its own story to tell. Atleast, that is how generally people remember dreams – a few images here and there.

Every slide has its own nature – good, bad or ugly.

If you are meant to view 100 images. You may not be aware about the nature of all slides in dream. The first 49 might be beautiful and fiftieth could be a nightmare.

In such a scenario, will you fear every dream only because one turned out to be sour? Or will you handle one moment, one slide, one dream at a time?

This decision marks the difference between dreams and nightmare.

At times you learn from dreams, at times nightmare educates you. How you look at them, your manner of perspective, many a times, makes the difference – in life.

Dream On!!

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Life is to be lived in a rhythmic manner. The one activity which if done in rhythmic, balanced manner can help you so much in life and it is – breathing.

But life is not as simple as breathing. At times one falls off the sweet road of rhythm and in such times, one must take measures, one step at a time, to try and set in motion a function of activities which will be oriented towards achieving rhythm in your life. Work at it till such a time that one starts living in a positive natural rhythmic momentum.

Mother nature is rhythmic. The cosmos, plants , oceans and every creation of Mother Nature has its own natural rhythm. Nothing is irregular.

Life is a song. Time you found your own rhythmic tune which ideally should be melodious to not only you but also to those around you too.

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We all are travelers navigating the sea of life. This journey is mystic and is measured not in kms , yojanas but in ‘Moments.’

Every moment is a spark that alters the universe.

We lose many things in this journey and gain many things too, bartered across the windows of moments.

How the journey has affected a person is for the person to figure out. Irrespective, whether you win or loose, made loss or profit, the ship of life keeps sailing one moment at a time.

Moments make memories – some good, some bad and some lie in-between. You may  live through the days, but what matters are laughs, sorrows and how life freezes in moments captured across the canvas of memories. These memories in-turn become mile-stones for a traveler making his journey through life.

As a traveler, it all boils down to your choice, do you travel from one moment to another with heavy baggage, that you have picked up as you move ahead in life, on the rails of time, or do you choose to travel light.

Everyone’s a traveler and as in a journey along with the direction, destination, purpose, company…how you travel also matters.

Hope you make a right choice.



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There is something divine when you see a person have his food, sleep or pray in a temple. All three process nourishes his body, heart, mind and soul.

Something divine.

I can add meditation too.

Well, if you see anyone around you at peace in any of the above activities, try not to disturb them. You never know what weights they must have hauled till the moment they sat down to have their food or closed their eyes in hopes of a decent sleep or pray for cosmic strength to brave the mundane moment.

Please look at these moments as divinity in motion.

Hope you find peace in them.

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