A human life is blessed with five basic comforts – sight, hearing ability, ability to communicate, to smell and to taste. Of the five comforts, the ability to taste and smell foods is an ever changing one as it depends upon the variety and quality of food served.

Having food is an activity that nourishes the body , mind and soul. After a delicious meal we usually thank and compliment the person who has prepared the meal.

But, while thanking the person who has prepared the meal, do spare a thought and extend your gratitude to the farmers who have toiled day and night to generate the raw materials for your every day meal.

In your life, there are many such people who by carrying out their daily tasks, help and support our own and many other lives. Example – a security personnel, maids, postman, army etc.

If you come across them in your lives, try to show gratitude towards them.

After all, it is because of the fact that they carry out their duties, are you able to enjoy the five basic comforts in absolute peace.

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Smoke and Mirrors

This is an old poem that I had written 7+ years ago and stumbled upon it today . Below are few lines from it , not the entire poem. Enjoy!


Morning brings a fresh hope,

Night then snatches it away,

In-between are those moments,

when the soul aches to hear you say.


Words that brighten the say,

Words that sparkle in night,

Words within whom lies the mystery of ocean,

That rival the beauty of full moon night.


Such moments are brief,

Such moments are long,

Yet they are filled with the hope of mightiest dawn.


As every ray of the mighty sun scorches the ground,

Bringing light to every moment weighed down by doubt.

As every ray of the moon comforts the heart,

Like the soul of a flower at the touch of a dew drop.





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While enjoying a journey, one always faces chances of getting smooth roads and at time bumpy rides. This journey is akin to witnessing the movement of clouds against the backdrop of skies.

Sky is like a theater – the great backdrop against which mighty clouds, sometimes light and white as the smile of a child and at times dark and sober with the weight of rains, dance in their natural rhythm to the divine music of wind god – Vayu. Their dance intertwined with the game of hide and seek , played during day and at night with the light houses (sun & moon) of our skies, dazzles and stimulates the imagination of many bringing joy and brood to everyone who looks at it with their own set of emotions.

And then there are those, who don’t concentrate on the momentary, passing clouds and the games they play but are fixed on the great backdrop that enables them to enjoy and study these games.

Clouds are the ever changing situations that one faces in life – from ugly to bad to good and so on as it moves in cyclic manner like the many seasons of Mother Nature. But, in the end it makes sense to be like the sky – a witness to the marvel that unfolds in front of our eyes but at the same times remain detached from its passing, dreamlike nature.

Dance of clouds is momentary but ‘Sky’ always remains true.

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Learn to forgive yourself. For it is you alone who knows what it means to walk on the path destined for you. Others may help you, mock you or won’t bother to do anything about you. How long will you depend on the opinions of others to act like crutches for you to stand on?

It’s up to you – whether you stop and pay heed to everything they say, do OR whether you march ahead on your own way.

To borrow a line from a great movie : ” Life comes down to simple choice – Get busy living or get busy dying”.

It all comes down to your choice – make the right one.

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Giants on whose shoulders we stand

Growing up is inevitable. The journey of life, takes one, on various challenges, some smooth and some rough.

To navigate the rough seas a person might have to inculcate new habits. Some of them might be desirable and others might not be. As one grows older it is important to keep the inner child alive. This is a challenge.

The inner child is fundamentally, a seed of innocence, nurtured by love of parents and or near ones, in an atmosphere that shields against the harsh realities of life, to some extent.

Later in the journey of life, when the harsh realities spring up, in the quest to grow and adapt, usually the inner child looses out – the essence of true innocence. At times it happens knowingly and at times unknowingly.

What matters is how to keep it alive and healthy against the ill tides.

Here comes into picture the memories of our parents and near ones who have selflessly nurtured this gift for us and guided us. Try to remember their words of inspiration, deeds of kindness that sheltered your innocent mistakes and guided your path whenever the need be. It was done as for every parent or guardians their child is a gift with responsibilities.

Try to find strength to fight the ill times with dignity and honour in the memories of those who made you capable enough to stand and stay in this world. Let your actions be a worthy tribute to those memories.

The above needs to be done so that the light of beacon of all that is good that you received is passed around to current and future generations.

A worthy tribute to the giants on whose shoulders we stand.

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Everyone is surrounded by actions and their results. A person works day in and day out towards goals that are immediate, short term and long term in nature. Sometimes the results may put you down and sometimes they can fire your spirit to rise to greater heights.

When we witness success , one gets easily seduced by the charm it brings with it. For failure, no one bothers to even look or consider.

There are many who come forth to hail a person on top of their shoulders in times of success. But in failure, no one comes forth to even lift the person from the ground. It is important to be there when your near and dear ones face failure. Sincere gentle gestures and kind words go a long way in helping a person stand on their feet so that they can once again attempt and live.

Try to make sure that when in need the “Hand of Grace” that reaches out to others is yours. You never know when you too will need a “Hand of Grace” to get up back on your feet.

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Food For Thought

We are all trying to move from one place to another in our life. Be it in education, career, social status etc – for convenience say from Point A to Point B.

We use all the skill under over command to try and complete the endeavor and then focus on moving ahead further in all spheres of life – Point C.

In these hectic times, how many times do we bother to look back to ones on other side of bridge, trying hard to cross the bridge you have just crossed. They might have been trying longer than you to achieve their goal. For every person the goals might be the same but circumstances vary from one individual to another. The ones who are still trying can use your experience, expertise, guidance, wisdom and more to reach their own Point B or Point C in various spheres of life.

As you see them trying their heart out every single day, will you help or only focus on moving to your personal Point C – Your call.

Knowingly or unknowingly you might have learned from their efforts, their failures, miseries and built your foundation on it that enabled you to reach the position of success you enjoy.

But do remember – in life, at some point or other, wherever you are – wherever you have been – you have always stood on the shoulders of giants who have toiled to lift you to great heights. These giants may have been your parents, teacher, friends – anyone whose mere presence directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly helped you to stand on the pedestal of success from where you aim to moving on to even greater heights.

As you work to shake and stir the world, remember there are some who are building theirs. Will you help those in need and in process enrich your and their lives or will you focus on your journey ahead – Your call.

This post is only but – Food for Thought 

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