Always mind your surroundings

It is very important to surround yourself in an atmosphere that not only helps to bring out your positive inner qualities but also helps to enhance the same. There are various elements that can be used to define the word ‘Atmosphere’ used in above line. These elements will depend from person to person and every individual is at liberty to define the necessary set of factors or elements for oneself.

Before commencing the activity of defining such elements, remember this example. A seed of banyan tree will wilt away if it is placed in the scorching heat of desert and the same seed will flourish to give birth to even a forest perhaps if it is surrounded by climate that is supportive for its growth.

Thus, realisation of the seeds true potential, apart from many factors, most importantly, depends upon the surroundings in which it is placed. And, so is the principal with an individual.

There is a subtle difference between minding your surroundings and mastering your surroundings. It may not be possible to always master the surroundings but it is always in your hands to mind your surroundings.

Hence, think , choose wisely and ‘Always mind your surroundings’.


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Rain – Part 2

How do you map the journeys of a rain drop,

Does she originate in the blue skies or within abyss of ever churning seas,

Does she rise from the ocean due to the glory of sun,

Or falls from skies due to her love for mother earth,

Does she run away with the free flowing stream or sit gently atop a flowery dream,

Does she wonder as she falls whether she is going home or away.

Does she during the journey meditate on the experienced gained.

Does she flow to fulfill its destiny or is a mere part of larger destiny,

Irrespective of these questions she completes the journey

Maybe out of sheer will to reach the final place, or due to cosmic compulsion or may be both,

Does she enjoy her path or does she cry in vain,

Emotions are mere milestones that put to rest the above doubts

All that matters is what and the manner in which she leaves behind

After all she knows the pearl of wisdom in her heart and she follows it no doubt,

‘When on a journey, it’s best to enrich the path in way it enriches you.’

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Everyday you have a chance to script your own destiny. To chisel your life the way you want it to be. Among many qualities, one moment, one habit, one resolve, one goal at a time can help you achieve it.

It is up-to you to make the best of everyday that is gifted to you. Yes, there will be challenges that may overwhelm you. If you don’t find a way, none can help you. Many around you can point in the right direction, motivate you, guide you. But then, you are the only one who can get yourself back on your feet.

Not every victory is the last and nor is every defeat. Move one step at a time towards your goal, script your destiny. Live your life. It does not necessary mean enjoying victories, but it also means living through sorrows and defeats.

Life is an adventure, treat it with respect and enjoy the journey.

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Sweet Emotions

Every day is as fresh as the gentle light of majestic sun that travels the vast space and blesses our Earth. The ray of light hasn’t travelled the distance and nor have you lived through the moments that every hour of your life consists of. Every moment is a new one that unfolds along with the floating universe.

Life is an amalgamation of moments consisting of various emotions – some which you may have experienced and some you are yet to live. Life unfolds every moment, not in a big bang way but slowly as flower petal.

You may win some moments, you may loose , you may live some moments and some would not even be worthy to die in. But, at the end of day, these moments are all you have.

So don’t feel bad if things done work out the way you want. Don’t feel bad if you happen to goof up on an important event or assignment. If you are on top of your life, don’t forget how it was when things weren’t working for you.

All in all, try to stay balanced. Through rough weather or calm seas try to stay balanced, as you cross the great ocean of life




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Dont look back in anger

Life is many things for many people. How do you move on with your life matters a lot. Do you cling on to every moment lived or memory made or treasure it to reminiscent in it later? Answer will vary from person to person.

Life is a journey made up of countless moments that make memories. Unless we leave a memory to look forth to the future how will we ever break away from the past.

‘Past’ may be filled with good, bad and ugly lessons. Learn from them and carry forth into the future with the flame of hope burning brightly in you heart. Respect the memories, learn from the rich experience gained but avoid being bitter. Every moment passes by and so shall this.

Make peace with your past and march into the future.

Learn to let go and be at peace.

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Swami Vivekananda Quotes

“Condemn none: if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way.” – Swami Vivekananda

World is made up up many characters. Some good, some bad & some a bit of both. Though the properties of various souls differ, at the end of the day what counts are their actions.

Life unfolds at its own unique pace. What may be classified as comfort for some can be horror for another. People are always involved in finding a way out of their day to day struggle.  Some help those required and some sit on a fence and spend their time  by passing on rudimentary comments and information instead of trying to help the person in need. They may or may not be in a position to offer serious help. But for such individuals the above words of Swami Vivekananda hold so very true.

Help someone if you can. Guide the person to the best of your ability. If you cannot then think good and move on. Ensure your actions help and not add to their existing woes.

Think on these words of Swami Vivekananda.

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Where does the journey of a rain drop start,

Does it originate in the sky or within abyss of ever churning seas.

Does it rise from the ocean due to glory of majestic sun OR

Fall from sky due to its love for Mother Earth.

Does it run away with the free flowing stream OR

Sit gently atop a flowery dream.

Does it wonder whether it is going home,

Does it know it’s only part of a larger destiny at play.

Does it not bring to life a million dreams,

That knocks the doors of possibilities unseen.

Rain, a collection of countless drops, but each having a life of its own,

A voice of its own, a destiny of its own.

Some carry potential to break the dam,

Some to heal broken moments,

Some conceal the teary eyes,

And some grace the joyous hearts.

The possibilities are many, how can they be encompassed by mind,

Like the ocean you have to embrace them and make peace with ever flowing time.

Does it really matter where they originate,

Or only their journey matters.

Perhaps they have mastered the art of life and

Hence they choose to grace our mundane lives.

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