Circle – Life – Grass and Side

Hey friends, was listening to this old track ‘Side‘ from Travis and found some wonderful lyrics to be shared with you :

“That the Grass is always greener on the other side
The neighbour’s got a new car that you wanna drive
And when time is running out you wanna stay alive

We all live under the same sky
We all will live, we all will die
There is no wrong, there is no right
The Circle only has one side ”

Now why the above set of words? Well that is because I have seen so many people waste their time thinking about others, their accomplishments and their disasters.But will never pay complete attention to the gifts they themselves are blessed with.The complainers find peace in discussing the fortunes and misfortunes of others but never bother to contemplate on their own.

Instead of crying about success and debacle of others and wasting your time in it, try to invest the very same time in unlocking the gifts that you have received.Try and make the world a better place to live in not only for you but also for others.

Try to live your “LIFE”

Thanks for stopping by.Take Care and Be Good.


Sumukh Naik


About Sumukh Naik

Namaste! Greetings from India! I am Author of 'Age Of Hiblisk', voracious reader & Human Resources professional. I like to keep things simple, very down to earth and believes in the message of spreading love and peace. My blogs are a reflection of the world around me. Please visit for more details 'Age Of Hiblisk' (Hardcopy / Kindle ) can be purchased at DISCOUNTED rates from: / (For Indian and Non Indian residents) I also define myself as a 'Soul Explorer'
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