Untold Story

Note:This blog speaks the truth and it will be ugly.So if you do not want to read it then please don’t, no compulsions.But if you want to read it then most welcome.

Life in this city is very hard to define.One does not even realize how  every day or night passes into oblivion at a pace unknown to any.Every day, for the people of this city, is a new day.Mainly because they have managed to survive and walked out ‘Alive’ from the previous day.This city gives the right example of how a large population is governed not only by laws of the land but most importantly by the two hands of a ‘Watch’.It is a zombie culture out here.

The day begins early for everyone here. People do set many goals  which change from time to time.But there are certain set of goals which never changes and are uniformly pursued throughout the city.One of these goals is to catch the local train on time;in the morning and in the evening.It is a simple goal.So many do it, day in and day out around the world.But no one actually gets to see what horror the people of this city go through while completing this goal  on a daily basis.Here is a break down of the same:

1)The person has to catch a common mode of transport to reach the railway station(Rickshaw or Bus).If they are working on time then great and if not then one can easily find a string of people running behind one rickshaw or standing on the last step of a state transport bus hanging for their lives.

2)The person has to leave his house at a fixed time so that he will be in the best position to reach the railway station on time.A delay of even five minutes is not permitted.Reason being if incase you are late by five to ten minutes then you will miss-out on your regular train.If you miss the train then you have to get into the next one hoping and praying that it arrives on time.One also has to face the ever increasing crowd at railway platforms.The public mode of transport in this city is one of the worst.There is no guarantee that the train will arrive on time or will leave the railway station on time.Infact there is no guarantee whether the scheduled train will come or not.

At times the platforms on which trains are scheduled to be received are changed at the last minute making people run from one platform to another in sheer disgust.The narrow bridges connecting the platforms do not help the cause.

If incase a train is cancelled then the following train carries twice or more than that number of people than usual. It then becomes a perfect recipe for mental, physical and emotional torture.The able and sane citizens are thus subjected to such inhuman treatment.

3)The train journey is a nightmare for those who travel during peak hours.Thousand are cramped in space, which by design, can only accommodate a few hundred.And there is no guarantee that the overhead fan system will work or not.

All the above mentioned points happen more often than not on a daily basis when the temperature of this island city regularly crosses 31 Celsius. Such a scenario, is but only, a nightmare.

3)’Getting late for a train’ OR ‘Getting into a late train’ will automatically delay the next mode of transport from the railway station to his workplace.The person then has to run behind errant rickshaw drivers or capacity packed buses.

4)By the time the person reaches office, more than half of his/her energy is already lost in this battle for survival.The person then somehow manages to complete the his daily quota of office related activities and then again has to go through this viscous cycle to reach back home.

Also there is no guarantee that one will reach home safely.After all Mumbai is one of the most frequently attacked cities by the terrorist.Complete methodical chaos.

The above is only an example of one of the many ill situations face by a citizen of this great city.This is the financial capital of the World’s Largest Democracy and ‘To Be Super Power’.

Now there are others too who are fortunate enough to experience less hardships while staying in this city. I am sure they thank their lucky stars for the same.And if they are not doing it ,then they should.

This is a glorious city of a glorious country who has given so much to the world.My friends who do not stay in this city might perhaps find it hard to agree with the picture I have drawn of this city citing one example but unfortunately thats is the ugly truth.

Citizens of this country take pride in the spirit of mumbai whenever the city is attacked by terrorist.But please understand that it is only because of sheer helplessness that one travels for work thus enabling this city to get get back on its feet.

One can only hope and pray that this city may once again be known as the ‘London of the East’ and be restored to its former glory.



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