What are these current Indian cricketers complaining about?

Note from the Author: This blog will touch some sentimental nerves in your nervous system which might result in emotion such as anger.Proceed at your own risk………..You have been warned.

Being a cricketer in the national team of India is a bigger phenomena than getting into IIT’s,IIM’s, and IHM’s.For in IIT’s,IIM’s and IHM’s roughly 2000-2500 students are selected all over India but the national team of India only harbors 11 lucky members.These 11 members are instantly recognized all over the world,thanks to the large population of Indians all around the globe and because of huge fan following for this great game of Cricket. You are a hero in the minds and hearts of more than a Billion people in a span to 1-2 months maximum(Usual span of a cricket series).Imagine that.Even rockstars cannot claim to have achieved such feat including Doors,Iron Maiden,Metallica,Bryan Adams,Pink Floyd,Bon Jovi, etc……list is exhaustive.

Your every action is closely followed and those who claim cricket to be their religion will hail you as their Gods.Yes the 11 Gods of the cricket world.Imagine being termed God when you are still alive.It is too big an honor to be declined.I strongly feel that the very incapacity to decline being hailed as God proves that one is mere human. And if incase you do not make it to the halls of Gods then just be featuring in the playing 11 and by playing a one-off brilliant innings you can certainly claim to be a role model and quietly ease slip into the glamor of IPL to settle for a life not many in the current scenario of Incredible India can dream off. Who’s to blame? or rather Why to blame? But the fans will still support you.For you have proven to them that things can be achieved against all odds.Just getting into the playing eleven is no mean feat.It requires lot of things.Some inherent and some exported.And on top of that if you perform when the team or rather country needs you then you single-handedly outperform Hercules and his 12 labors.

The above said facts only encompasses a few positive points that one enjoys when he is a part of the Indian Cricket Team. But I sincerely wonder Why on earth why do these Indian Cricketers complain about? Below are a few on the many reasons.

Cricket is a simple game. There are currently three formats to it.Test(5 Days),One Day and 20-20.Lets us analyze each separately:

1) Test – In tests remember that each team plays 4 innings. The Indian team generally stays on the field for say 1 to 1.5 days. Out of which all a batsman/en does is field and not bowl.Also fielding need not be done behind every ball bowled for Test being a slow game the rate of scoring is generally slow.Once the innings gets over the team huddles up in their cushy Air Conditioned Rooms from where they watch their batsmen play.Please remember these people are resting now being on the field for just 1 to 1.5 days.The batsmen come out to play in pairs and till a wicket falls , all one has to do is just relaxe till your times comes to bat.Imagine being on work and getting paid to relaxe.If incase the match gets over in 4 days(Like the just concluded Ind v/s End match) well then even less amount of work.Compensation for each player runs into Lakhs .

To put very simply, Unless the 5 day match is not a freak of nature match, the players usually end up playing continuously for hardly 2-3 days at the most(Being generous here :-))

2)One day – It is a 8 hour encounter wherein a team plays for 4 hours and rests for the remaining 4 hours till the time your do not get down to bat and again depends how long you bat.

So continuous labor put in is approximately 5-6 hours at the most. Compensation runs into Lakhs again.

3)20-20 – It is a crude, profitable joke where a team plays less but enjoys more.It is a carnival aspect of the great sport.The players play for maximum 2-3 hours at the most.Compensation runs into Lakhs again and at times into Crores.

Now in all the above installments of the game they earn Lakhs of rupees. I mean we are talking about serious numbers here friends.So you have a huge motivational factor apart from playing for your country. Our soldiers lay down their lives for the country and what they get paid cannot be even compared to what these cricketers get paid. Think about it before crying out aloud that they(Cricketers) are your Gods.

These cricketer have a whole bunch of people to look after their every needs and injury.To ensure that they are in prime form.But even after all these facilities they (cricketers) fall prey to strained and pulled ligaments or muscles every now and then. Shame on them when you consider that they have only played for not more than a few days on a continuous basis.

The average Mumbaikar goes through tremendous strains of physical, mental and emotional level everyday while living his life and I am sure that the ritual is almost the same around various parts of this country. The average per days earnings are a joke if we consider what these cricketers make. But even after having such world-class facilities of medical help at physical,mental and emotional level,at their door step they fail regularly. Prime example is the premier fast bowler of India who has retired hurt after blowing only 13.3 overs in the first test between India and Eng. Please also note that this person has hardly played any cricket in this year.

If an average Indian is given such an opportunity then I am sure he/she can easily put to shame the many lot of the current team. Prime example is Kapil Dev who played for 16 years and never ever had to be rested because of physical injury.

The Indian captain has stated that the main reason behind the debacle in the England series has been the back to back cricket being played. Guys we never asked you to participate in IPL. Michael Clarke the Australian Captain has refused to participate in IPL and similar tournaments because he wants to concentrate on his Test career and thus the performance of his Nation.

Where is the resolve of the current Indian Team fight it out on the playing field?Anil Kumble played with a broken jaw in a test series in West Indies and had dismissed Lara. Rahul Dravid has faced and played the maximum number of cricketing balls and has spent the maximum number of hours on the cricketing field. Sunil Gavaskar and his team members had faced the quartlet of West Indies bowlers (Colin Croft, Malcolm Marshall, Joel Garner and Michael Holding) and had won the series.Results are not important but resolve is. This is very resolve and dedication that you want to see from your national team which represents the hopes of a Billion people.

Many in the current Indian cricketing team put themselves first instead of their country and now are hiding behind the reason of playing excessive cricket. We have been fortunate enough to have witnessed the rise of the Golden Generation(Sachin,Rahul,Ganguly and Laxman) but it is in the twilight phase and unfortunately the current lot seem to only be interested in playing 20-20 and have no intent to gut it out in the longer version of the game like Rahul,Sachin,Sunil G and many former players have done.They did not have the cushion of or the lure of money for cricket was very poor then and has in the last decade reaped riches.But the former players played the game for their country and also because they loved the game.They never put themselves ahead of the game for if they would have done that we would have not loved the game now.

1.2 Billion people and many more love the game because it signified the struggle to stay alive in adverse scenarios wherein you had nothing to gain. The current lot unfortunately are nowhere near when compared to skills or temperament of the former players forget any other comparison.

And on top they complain about lack of rest.How disgusting and shameful!!.An average Indian who goes through hell everyday is a real hero and not these bunch who have failed so miserably. It is time you realize the facts and accept it. Stop glorifying the ones who fail in 20 innings and click in just one.

If you really want to honor anyone then please do that for our army personnel of all three wings. They truly deserve your attention and love.They sweat it out so that you can enjoy your peaceful nights sleep.Don’t cry for motivation by looking up towards the cricketers. If you want motivation then please be courteous enough to know about our soldiers and their way of life.

Hope you like it and if not then feel free to howl and cry.

Spread Peace and Love.


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