Events from Around the World!

New Month, New Week and a New Section too! This section will be known as Events from Around the World! and will reflect on the changing scenarios of the world – political, economical, social , cultural etc.

What prompted me to create such a section is the fact that though we consider the world to be a Global Village, we barely try to notice or rather frequently undermine the factors that affect our world. Internet may have definitely enhanced the rate at which we share ideas but we are yet a long way in understanding the factors that affect us as humans. We still tend to think from within the boundaries of our countries and rarely go out of our comfort zone to find out what factors are affecting our friends and neighbors living thousands of miles away. Remember we are a Global Village now and hence I have used the term friends and neighbors (and not allies :-)).

Today’s topic is based on the phenomena which taken the western world by surprise and possibly is acting as a valve for the frustration that is being built up in the minds of  citizens of various countries. The phenomenon is known as Occupy Wall Street . It all started with a few activists camping in the Manhattan district, two weeks back, and now the crowd has swelled into thousands. They seem to be trying to spread the word about what is happening in their country and how it has affected their lives. We in India too had carried out a similar protests against the rampant corruption in our society.

Occupy Wall StreetOccupy Wall Street







Occupy Wall Street phenomena now has gathered steam and is slowly but surely started to spread in Australia too. Can it be the next Arab Spring?

It is a sad fact that too few control too many. Problem lies in the fact that it has continued to stay that way for a long time now and as a result people irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion are getting affected by it. The European Debt Crisis is spinning dangerously out of control and few who have the potential to control it have shown reluctance in the same – which to be fair, is right to some extent. The economies of Greece, Portugal, Spain cannot be sustained by larger economies such as France and Germany for a long time. In 2008 we had financial institutions collapsing and now we have countries collapsing.

Somethings got to give!!

Too many wrong decisions for too many people and by too few, I feel is the root cause of the problem at hand. Political, Military and Economic decisions were taken without completely for-sighting all the possible scenarios. The European Debt Crisis is not just limited to European countries but also affect the United States, BRICS , and every able country in the world. EDCThe other countries are trying to get the house in order but there is only so much anyone can do. The poor actions and decisions of the last 50 years of the last century will haunt the coming generations.

Only hope lies in the fact that if we all stand together a HUMANS – united against these crisis only then will we be able to completely nullify the effect. Every decision taken in the last fifty years was for a country and in order to safeguard its interest by creating – instability in other regions, by occupying other territories, by threat or by economic and military might. But hardly ever was a decision taken that would benefit the entire human race. Such a shame!

The time is right and the time is now. The world has to be united to help each other out. Gone are the days when one could sleep peacefully thinking that the crisis affecting a country or a region thousand of miles away will not affect him. Every action taken in the parliament houses over the world will affect the Global Village population of 7 Billion. We have to ensure that right action is taken.

ASLet the decision makers know that you yourselves may not suffer now but every ill action taken by you will affect the future of your own generation also. Help one another to help yourselves. The Occupy Wall Street , European Debt Crisis, Arab Spring, Climate Changes are phenomena that are no longer related to any one country and will affect everyone around the world.

CCSo next time you hear about any such events please take notice, do give your attention towards it and act on it. Learn about it and enlighten others too. Knowledge is power – Use it well. Save yourselves, Save Others and Save our World.


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