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Hey friends, I am very pleased to announce that I have reached a personal milestone of completing 50 highly informative blogs. Keeping in view the importance of the occasion, I have decided to introduce a new segment to my blog-site. This segment will be known as ‘The Interview’ and will feature personalities from various diverse fields. I promise, this segment will be highly interactive, fun-filled and informative. It will help shed light on different industries, personalities and causes.

My first guest for the segment ‘The Interview’ is a journalist and an author who has penned a fantastic self-help book which helps to develop clarity in life.

Author : Ms.Kanchan Gogate

Book : Go Get It – Available on :,

The book will also be hitting brick-n-mortar stores soon.

Go Get It - Cover Page

About the Book : Go…Get It is a self-help book for young professionals or young adults who are on the verge of becoming professionals. It revolves around the perspective towards life and setting the thought process right. It’s a dialogue with the young generation and young professionals, many of whom find it difficult to sustain in today’s competitive age. Through this book, Kanchan makes an attempt to help develop the right concepts, understand what it takes to succeed, and most importantly, have clarity about life. To be more specific, it’s about helping them become balanced persons succeeding on all fronts of life.


1) What was the driving force which prompted you to come up with the book – Go Get It?

The book revolves around the perspective towards life and setting the thought process right. It’s a dialogue with the young generation, many of who find it tough to sustain in today’s competitive age.

Inability of people in general and youth in particular to tackle the modern life challenges made me ponder over a few things. I realised that many lack the mental strength to face difficult downgrades. I recognised that I have a thought that may help others enrich their lives and the book became a medium to share the fundamentals. I have a different perceptive and I am sure it would help readers bring about a positive transition in themselves.

2) Your Inspirations and their influence on your work – Go Get It?

All great men from all walks of life who have left phenomenal ideas and philosophies behind are my inspirations. Everyone who thinks out-of-the-box and creates something extraordinary out of ordinary becomes a source of inspiration for me.

I am deeply influenced by a friend who has helped me hone my ideas in the right direction.

3) What ideas/concepts can the readers take away from your book – Go Get It?

A comprehensive and a balanced thought process, a sorted mind and the poise; this is what the book will gift readers with. It’s not a unilateral speech but a journey together that would help everyone evolve.

4) How long did it take for you to write the book – Go Get It?

Conceptualising and hairsplitting was the important task and writing was just a matter of time, which took close to three months.

5) Are any concepts mentioned in your book – Go Get It, based on real life experiences?

It being a non-fiction, nothing is imaginary. Life is the biggest connect, everything in the book right from ideas to examples, everything is real life. Particularly, I’ve given a couple of examples in second chapter–A Look In, of disoriented youth that I’ve seen and observed in the past couple of years. The chapter, Lighthouses tells tales of successful personalities who have carved a niche for themselves.

All through, the book has anecdotes, which are real life examples of people from history to modern day.

6) Did you face any challenges in getting your book – Go Get It published?

I didn’t give too much thought on publishing while writing. I firmly believe that everything has right time and it comes when preparation meets opportunity. Hence, real challenge isn’t publishing book per se, but putting theory into practice.

7) Any message for the readers who would like to buy your book – Go Get It?

Read between the lines and new interpretation will unfold with every reading. We are talking about an idea that will make our lives more meaningful.

8 ) How demanding is it for you to maintain a day job and at the same time pen down Go Get It which is aimed at enriching the lives of many?

It’s after my heart and it’s my conscious choice. As I’ve also mentioned in the book, everybody should willingly pay the price for bigger gains.

9) Your favourite part in Go Get It?

It’s difficult to single out as I’ve given my best to each word I’ve written. Yet I like Treading an Untrodden Path…

10) How has your profession in Journalism played a role in formulation of the book – Go Get It?

Journalistic writing and book writing are completely different. A journalist has an opportunity to see life from numerous angles.

11) What sets your book – Go Get It apart from any other self-help book?

I don’t think it’s in competition with anything or anyone. Genuineness, honesty and depth of thought set it apart.

Testimonials/Blurbs: Here’s what some eminent personalities have to say about the book:

It makes a lot of sense to define success in a broader term rather than confine it to only perks and pay. Many young people believe success means earning well and climbing up the corporate ladder. They neglect their health, their significant relationships and do not lead a wholesome life. Very often when they reach the position they aspire to, they are disappointed and feel life has cheated them. I do hope all those who read Kanchan’s book learn to be successful at work and also in life. I wish her all the best for her book

Anu Aga, Leading entrepreneur, philanthropist and socialite

The book will help one widen the horizons of thinking and get one’s concepts cleared. It will encourage clarity in thinking. Go… Get It talks all through about unconventional thinking, setting the thought process right and taking a comprehensive look of success. It elaborately discusses ideas and execution. I compliment Kanchan for this venture.

Avinash Dharmadhikari, Ex-IAS and Founder Director, Chanakya Mandal Pariwar

In the very first look, what appealed to me in this book is honesty to establish a dialogue with mind. In today’s fast-paced world, we talk so much about information and technology. However, we should spare a thought as to, do we really communicate with ourselves? Everything in this book revolves around human life and cherishing one’s uniqueness while bringing about a positive transformation. Right implementation of the thought in this book will gift everyone with a sorted mind and poise.

Saleel Kulkarni, Renowned Musician

In today’s competitive age, people seldom understand the significance of emotional management. Multiple intelligence theory has also emphasised on emotional intelligence. Kanchan’s book deals with the basics of life. The book dwells on having a balanced thought process and will help a person develop a clearer view of life. It is good for individuals willing to make a good start. Go…Get It is not just meant for reading but living. Putting theory into practice holds the key.

Gajanan Kelkar, Trustee & Research Director, M. Tech. (IIT Bombay) Manashakti Research Centre, Lonavla

Times of India ArticleI feel this is the best gift you can give to your friends or relatives during Diwali or for that matter on any occasion. I thank Ms.Kanchan Gogate for sharing her wonderful views with us on her book – Go Get It.




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  1. Congratulations on completing your 50th post! Also, great idea to promote this book for the big milestone! 🙂

  2. Harish says:

    Awesome Dude……Go get it

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