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Hi friends, I take this opportunity to introduce you all to an upcoming community on Facebook that deals with the world of books and book lovers. It is known as Book Readers Lounge (BRL). They hold contests, encourage reading, suggest new books,  offer book reviews etc. They have a healthy presence on Facebook and are growing on Twitter & Google Plus too.

It is a one stop place for all those interested in the world of books.

I had requested Mr. Hitesh,Ratnani (the founder) to answer a few questions about BRL. He is a commerce graduate and is currently pursuing M.Com from Mumbai University. He is an avid reader of books.

1)      How did you conceptualize about ‘Book Readers Lounge’?

I have had a penchant for discovering new books, interacting with readers & authors and get news on world of books. I didnt find any community that does all these activities on a facebook page/group, so I thought of making one and the idea was conceptualized in January 2011.

2)      Tell us something about ‘Book Readers Lounge’ and how do you plan to create an impact upon the Indian readers with this venture?
Book Readers Lounge is an online community for readers which intends to help book lovers improve their reading experience. We will cater to readers on a grass root level next year onwards by suggesting good books to them and conducting activities in their interest on our facebook page

3)      Which are the modes through which readers can follow latest news from ‘Book Readers Lounge’?
We will soon launch our website. All latest news & info will be put up there and shared on social networks for easy access. As for now, we are active on our facebook page( and twitter handle (

4) Does ‘Book Readers Lounge’ conduct book reviews for the latest books?

We have a review team in place. There are 15 bloggers who review books. This is the official page for review team –

5) How would you define the growth of ‘Book Readers Lounge’ in terms of the members who take active and keen interest in all of its updates related to the world of books?
We reach out to approx 4000 people through facebook. There are many readers who are keen to discuss books on our page. The number of active users is not very high but we are identifying more number of readers.

6) What is your take on the book publishing industry in India ?
The publishing industry is booming and evolving. Still there is lot of scope and potential for the publishers to tap in.

7) How has ‘Book Readers Lounge’ managed to create such a strong base in such a short period of time.?
I would like to point out that we are still not having such a strong base of active users. As for our fan base on facebook, since we have organized reader centric activities and published news on books, lot of book lovers have joined our page.

) How does ‘Book Readers Lounge’ plan to expand in the next two years?
We intend to reach out to book lovers across India through social media and offline meets. The idea is to be the most sought after readers community.

9) What would you like to tell the first time authors, so that they too can benefit from the initiative of ‘Book Readers Lounge’?
We are offer free books reviews and book feature on our blog for the benefit of first time authors.

10) What would you like to tell our readers so that they would feel welcomed and more comfortable in accessing ‘Book Readers Lounge’ online community?

If you are looking for your next good read then do visit our page once.

Thanks a lot Mr. Hitesh for taking time out from your busy schedule and answering the questions. Friends, next time when you want to buy a book don’t forget to check Book Readers Lounge for the latest updates in the world of books. Make an informed choice.

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