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Miracles happen now and again, here and there, perhaps everywhere. All you have to do, is to develop the ability, to look at them and understand them. I feel, the greatest miracle you can yourself create everyday, is by, ensuring … Continue reading

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Music – A Sweet Mystery!!

Music is one of the biggest blessings to be showered upon mankind. It is a language which knows no barriers and can easily conveys various emotions which often, at times, cannot be put forward through the language of the mortals. … Continue reading

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Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths also known as the mathematics evolved in ancient India contains secrets and knowledge which now forms the very basis of mathematics all around the globe. The best part of Vedic Maths is that it stimulates the brain to … Continue reading

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Quote – Unquote

Only God gets things right the first time.—Stephen King Many a times, while pursuing objectives or deadlines, we often neglect the most important quality of living in the moment. This very quality, helps us to remain focused on the work … Continue reading

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