Progress and a sense of fulfillment is often achieved when a sense of ‘giving back to the society’ is achieved.

‘Giving back to the Society’ is generally associated with giving back to those pockets of society from where you have used the resources to build your life, in materialistic values. It also encompasses the fact of giving one’s valuable resource of time to the society.  An aspect, of doing something for others – others that make up your immediate society.

Let us take the example of your office colleagues, that make up your immediate society. All are blessed with different abilities and potential and each tries to put in their best effort towards any task. If you find yourself in the unique position of being able to enhance the qualities of those around you, then by all means you should put in the efforts towards the same. Be kind in pressing your suggestions or views. Some may like it and some may don’t but if your are sincere and true in your efforts, always remember that the sincerity and warmth of your efforts will never fail you and most of the times will inspire the colleague to take genuine notice of your nuggets of wisdom.

Such an effort will enrich not only yourself with a sense of being true to the skills you have been blessed with or acquired but also enrich the knowledge of the one’s with whom you are sharing. Your actions might even inspire your colleague to perform similar task when you might be in need of help or ideas. Such an atmosphere is always conducive for peace and growth.

The quality mentioned above is intangible in nature but powerful enough to create a wave of positivity around you. Such intangible quality holds the potential to uplift one above the petty and ill influences of rat race. It also gives a chance to create a ripple effect of positivity all around you.

Be kind, sincere and genuine in your efforts.


About Sumukh Naik

Namaste! Greetings from India! I am Author of 'Age Of Hiblisk', voracious reader & Human Resources professional. I like to keep things simple, very down to earth and believes in the message of spreading love and peace. My blogs are a reflection of the world around me. Please visit for more details 'Age Of Hiblisk' (Hardcopy / Kindle ) can be purchased at DISCOUNTED rates from: / (For Indian and Non Indian residents) I also define myself as a 'Soul Explorer'
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