Indian Mythology

India is recognised as Bharat in its constitution. It has a rich culture that dates back tens of thousands of years. We have records of all those who were born many millenniums ago and also of those who were born earlier. These chronicles of true incidents, were supported with facts. Now, one of the main reason why I say that the various chronicles were supported with facts is because, they are rich in details of planetary and constellation alignments. Every eclipse, full moon details, planetary alignments have been carefully knitted in these chronicles.

Take the example of Ramayana or Mahabharata. Every event is supported by facts. Facts as seen in the skies during those auspicious times. Many scientists are now making the use of advanced software, space research organisations, to confirm the facts as posted in Ramayana and Mahabharata. And I am glad to say that because of these modern resources , the truth of the existence of the characters and events as described in Ramayana and Mahabharata can now be proved.

I don’t like when the word Mythology is used to describe our history, the history of Bharata (India). Mythology is derived from the Sanskrit word – Mithia- which states imaginary. A few hundred years ago these mythological facts were designated with the term Itihas, which means ‘as it happened’. The Britishers with the motive of enslaving the large population of native Indians, described these Itihas as imaginary or mythological.

A perfect example is the excavation of Dwarka off the coast of Gujrat. We now know that Dwarka existed. The city has been detailed in the epic – Mahabharat.

It is time we embraced our history which has spanned many millennia and look at it, not from the tinted glasses of mythology but in the light of truth, in the light of Itihas – ‘as it happened’. India needs to throw away the blinders put by the Britishers and reclaim its rich culture and heritage.

An excellent book to take a first step in this direction is by reading the book – Historical Rama ( You will find in this book, detailed and scientific study of the details put forth in Ramayana and also the validation of those details. The details have been proved, with the use of various technologies and scientific facts. The main stress of the book is on the existence of ‘Nalla’s Bridge’ or ‘Ram Setu‘. It is a must read for all those who wish to understand the true history of Bharat and enrich their own existence. The book is available on various online portals.

Let us stop bracketing our rich scriptures and historical events in the garb of Mythology. Let us once again make efforts to bring to life the true history of this blessed land – Bharat, so that, at least the future generations, may thank us.

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