Happy Valentines Day

Too much love in the air, no one can ever complain about it. It is beautiful feeling to be in love. To wake  up every morning to know that your genuine smile, voice, touch, thoughts can make the life of a very special person more beautiful than ever. It is an emotion that grows on you like the ascend of the majestic sun. With every passing moment, the emotion of  love, illuminates facets of our personalities which, under normal circumstances are very much hidden from ourselves.

Allow me to further romaticize the feeling of Love itself. It is an absolute honor to borrow the below lines from my favourite artist Jason Mraz’s song – ‘Life is Beautiful’:

“……It takes no time to fall in love
But it takes you years to know what love is
It takes some fears to make you trust…..”

I have always felt that the efforts required to be in love and understand it everyday, are far more important and difficult to execute as compared to the efforts required, to fall in love with someone. But love is such a mesmerizing emotion that any and all efforts are worth it. It is important to understand that falling in love, means to be committed in enriching all aspects of that special someone. Many a times, we fall in love to seek comfort and means to complete ourselves. That’s all right, it is important too. But, the next step is to ensure that this very process becomes a two way process. Always try to ensure that the feeling of love evolves into a more divine one which benefits both.

It is about how much do you selflessly pledge yourself and your actions to this very feeling of love. How much are you devoted and committed to each other, without being selfish.

Let your love help the person of your dreams to evolve into a better personality in all aspects and facets of life. Aid the person whom you love to overcome their respective demons and help them realize their goals. As long the element of ‘EGO’ remains in either one of the love birds, the complete realization of love can never be achieved. Learn to seek genuine happiness in your partners triumphs and concern for their every trials.

Shape your love in accordance to the nature of a tree, wherein you can be the roots in each others life, thus helping to whether off any storm and also like leaves, which will help the tree of your life to nourish itself and survive. When in love, be like a tree; give abundantly,  and passionately without hesitating. Nourish each other and see the wonder of life that will grow beneath the shade of your love.

In love, always be generous and selfless. Help each other to become a true and better person. Always be on a quest to understand the true and many aspects of love. It will aid you in understanding yourself better. Being forgiving and compassionate will always help in this adventurous journey.

Wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day! May your life be sprinkled with a million moments of love.

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About Sumukh Naik

Namaste! Greetings from India! I am Author of 'Age Of Hiblisk', voracious reader & Human Resources professional. I like to keep things simple, very down to earth and believes in the message of spreading love and peace. My blogs are a reflection of the world around me. Please visit www.facebook.com/AgeOfHiblisk for more details 'Age Of Hiblisk' (Hardcopy / Kindle ) can be purchased at DISCOUNTED rates from: www.amazon.com / www.amazon.in www.apkpublishers.com (For Indian and Non Indian residents) www.flipkart.com I also define myself as a 'Soul Explorer'
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2 Responses to Happy Valentines Day

  1. Sunil says:

    Loved it!
    The only other time I remember being so spiritually enriched reading on the subject of love, is Khalil Gibran’s writings on marriage (http://www.katsandogz.com/onmarriage.html) .

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