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IBS LogoHi friends, I take this opportunity to introduce you all to, IndiaBookStore an upcoming book price comparison website and a community that deals with the world of books and book lovers.

I had requested Ms. Priyanka Gupta, (Product & Content Manager at IndiaBookStore) to answer a few questions about ‘IndiaBookStore’. She is an IIT Kanpur alumni and a new age entrepreneur.

  1. What sow the seed for ‘IndiaBookStore’ and how did it develop?

Animesh Jain, (the founder of IndiaBookStore) who is an avid reader and a frequent book buyer, while struggling to find the best deal online for his desired book, realized the need of a portal which can throw the price from top online stores in no time. Being a geek, he hates wasting time on little things, and the idea of developing IndiaBookStore was such a trivial thing. 😀

2. What is happening on ‘Bookish’ – Official blog of and what are your plans on the same?

The blog brings users book reviews, latest book releases, information on literary events. Our latest section “Authors Exclusive” is a recent initiative, where we feature interviews with authors and exclusive articles written by published authors.

We are spreading our association with more and more publication houses, through writing book reviews for them and running book promotional contests.

3. How has been your experience while interviewing various authors and their works for ‘Bookish’?

This is really amazing, I personally boast around that I know the author of ** book. 😀

I am thankful to all the authors who contributed to our blog, certainly a very kind gesture. I envision to make Bookish, a platform which brings authors and readers close. The user response on this section is overwhelming.

4. Tell us about your dedicated team?

Animesh – The founder and the “Geek Guru”. He acts like a “Guru” for the development team

Priyanka – The Product Manager or “The fuel ”, I manage the show.

Developers – A team of 3 that actualizes the dreams of Priyanka. 🙂

Content writers – And then there is a team consisting of free-lancers and interns who bring Bookish to life.

5. Which are the modes through which readers can follow latest news from ‘IndiaBookStore’?

Follow us on :



Subscribe for our blog newsletter (

For any feedback/suggestions, mail us at

6. How is ‘IndiaBookStore’ different from other search engines?

a.  Focused on only one product, BOOKS. This makes the search results precise.

b.The simplicity of site – No distraction by advertisements. We emphasize on giving our users an uninterrupted experience.

c. The search suggestions shown while browsing are very accurate and save a lot of time.

7. How would you define the growth of ‘IndiaBookStore’ so far?

It’s been pretty good so far, about 100K visits per month and a repeat customer rate of more than 50%. The user base for the overall site and the blog is building at a good pace.

8. How can authors and publishing houses benefit from associating themselves with ‘IndiaBookStore’?

We have been doing lot of promotional activities for authors and publication houses. Book reviews, author interviews, book centered contests – all of this to help authors and publication houses publicizing their work and help the readers to get a closer perspective of writing community.

9. How does ‘IndiaBookStore’ plan to expand in the next two years?

We want to become one stop destination for book lovers – where people can know about the book from our blog, compare prices across different online stores, read store reviews before making final purchase.

10. What is your take on the arrival of e-books ? Do you feel that they are a threat to ‘Mom and Pop’ book stores?

e-books would definitely change the face of publishing, it will reduce the challenges of budding authors. e-books come cheaper and are handy for travelers, so enhanced accessibility. It certainly is a threat for publishers and our next door book stores. But at the same time, I feel that the experience of holding a printed book in your hand certainly can’t be matched by e-books, so the market for “the real books (that’s how I call the printed version of the book)” will always remain there.

11. What would you like to tell our readers so that they would feel welcomed and more comfortable in accessing ‘IndiaBookStore’ online community?

I can vouch for the fact that this is the fastest book search engine, and our regular users tell us the same. We aim to be a user driven site, which gives a lot of credit to its users. I won’t brag much, try out and if you find any issues, shoot a mail to us, bark at us, do whatever you wish to, I make sure that we will act on it quickest possible in the limited strength of our team.

Thanks a lot Ms. Priyanka Gupta for taking time out from your busy schedule and answering the questions. Friends, next time when you want to buy a book don’t forget to check ‘IndiaBookStore’ for the latest updates in the world of books. Make an informed choice.

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