A human life is blessed with five basic comforts – sight, hearing ability, ability to communicate, to smell and to taste. Of the five comforts, the ability to taste and smell foods is an ever changing one as it depends upon the variety and quality of food served.

Having food is an activity that nourishes the body , mind and soul. After a delicious meal we usually thank and compliment the person who has prepared the meal.

But, while thanking the person who has prepared the meal, do spare a thought and extend your gratitude to the farmers who have toiled day and night to generate the raw materials for your every day meal.

In your life, there are many such people who by carrying out their daily tasks, help and support our own and many other lives. Example – a security personnel, maids, postman, army etc.

If you come across them in your lives, try to show gratitude towards them.

After all, it is because of the fact that they carry out their duties, are you able to enjoy the five basic comforts in absolute peace.

About Sumukh Naik

Namaste! Greetings from India! I am Author of 'Age Of Hiblisk', voracious reader & Human Resources professional. I like to keep things simple, very down to earth and believes in the message of spreading love and peace. My blogs are a reflection of the world around me. Please visit for more details 'Age Of Hiblisk' (Hardcopy / Kindle ) can be purchased at DISCOUNTED rates from: / (For Indian and Non Indian residents) I also define myself as a 'Soul Explorer'
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