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Book Review : 4/5

Valiant effort with few glitches , still victorious.

Note: Before going ahead with this review, I would like to say that this may be one of the longest reviews that I have written till day because of the nature in which I wanted to analyze the book and also cause I got this book through first reads and wanted to justify myself for further readers who would be interested in the book. The book has its own positives and negatives. But in the end the book prevails on its positives than the shortcomings. A further advice to the readers is to go on till the end even if you find dull moments in the middle because the book holds a better part towards the end.

Age of Hiblisk – A brave effort from an Indian author in the least explored area (fantasy / Fiction) by Authors from India.

Story: The story is set in a fantasy world (Hiblisk , Pantolis and Ikra ) where the good and evil forces balances the nature . When evil tries to dominate the world of fantasy, the protagonists (Prince Williams and Princess Sara) set their voyage to tame the forces of evil with the help from the forces on the good side to maintain the balance in nature and to ensure peace in their land.

Language: Simple and intriguing.

Audience: The book will not disappoint the voracious readers with interest in Fantasy and Spirituality , They will find the book enjoyable over others. This book can also be a good start for the ones who are willing to experiment the genre of fantasy / Fiction scene by an Indian author. Initially my comparison of the book was with Immortals of Meluha and Secret of the Nagas , But found Hiblisk to be different ,though they share a few traits.

What I liked: description The book had loads of spirituality and positive energy packed inside. The message of compassion to fellow human beings , Qualities required by a leader , Ability to remain humble despite being powerful , Power of evolution when confronted with challenges , ugly face of greed are imbibed in the story all along through the mode of storytelling set in the fantasy world . The characters of Kikoker, Vimanikars , People of pantolis and Ivory , Indravatikars and every other group represented in the story can be mapped to the real life world . The messages of spirituality and philosophy are subtly inserted inside the story and are explicitly mentioned in the second half of the book through the conversation between the protagonists and Prince meru.
The book had occasional dip in the interest while reading but then it bounced back with the contents that made up for the dip.

Sumukh have taken effort to logically bind the various scenarios that gel the story together. The book is easy to read but would require considerable effort to slow in few places to actually understand the nuance of the message that is conveyed indirectly. The book in detail is discussed below under a separate paragraph for those who have already read the book and may throw some light on what the book holds for a prospective reader.

What fell short :description The author though have taken so much of effort in putting up so much of hard work ,logic and imagination disappoints in a trivial yet important aspect of the naming of the characters in the book . There has been a mix up of names ranging from English, Spanish, American and Indian names through ought . In a fantasy novel like this, the author could have stuck to even Indian / mythological names rather than occasionally roping in names from various parts of the world. I felt this to be very important because the diverse nature of the names possibly can confuse the reader rather than sticking to a single theme. Even consistent logic can be stumbled sometimes by a few insignificant things. Sara, one of the protagonists from the novel does not substantiate her stand of joining hands with Williams and Sage, though she follows her heart to avert the unknown danger that surround their people and her father, there could have provided a further concrete reasoning through few explanations. In a few places the dialogues have been dramatic in similar to that of English plays that I felt little out of way in the normal flow of the novel . Also Sara who joins hands with forces of Good does not show consideration about her land and father once they start their journey , the mention of King Aaron and their subjects seems to have been disappeared in the later part.

From the Book : Below are few the things that I actually liked in the book and those I dint . This is not a spoiler but you are requested to read at your discretion.

In the Chapter Unexpected Development, Prince William enters the tower of Drago and he is surrounded by soldiers of Ivory . The buildup could have been intense and I felt an opportunity has been missed to create an impact on the readers.

In the Chapter The sage of Yamunea pass, The introduction of Sage / 11th master happening in the chapter again missed the buildup of the character who has lot of impact deep in the story. This could have been capitalized. The description of the yamunea pass happens after a few scenes in the chapter , the yamunea pass could have been described earlier , which would have enabled the reader to etch the scenes clearly .

The Chapter Court hall of ivory is personally one of my least favorite . Princess sara shortly joins hands with Sage and Williams that would mark the beginning of the chapter
In the Chapter First verse , The general of Jaguar on his way to convey the message to the king was narrated in a logical way and the scenes of procuring new horses in the intermediate stops shows the brilliance of the author that he had thought deep into the story while developing a scene rather than leaving it blunt.

The Ratraa and the sage, The chapter reminded me of the Lord of the rings when explained about a head gear that is worn by the master, the powers of it was found to be in similar lines to that of the ring from LOTR, though it was not so significant in the later part of the story .

In the Chapter The great gathering, The Generals of the good side meets the lead characters where they acquire various powers. The names derived from various Hindu and Sanskrit gods appear here. The consistency in the names spelt could have been done from the beginning, it was more consistent from this point on.

Bagada explaining about the kikokers about their humble and compassionate nature is a positive. In the Chapter Princess of Valley Tanya mesmerizing Williams and Sara, and Williams trying to deduce the surrounding and the happenings is a logical brilliance.

The riddle in the Chapter of Code of the white eyes was really enjoyable. Though the answer was imminent, yet interesting.

The chapter Indravati city is my favourite where Prince Williams and Princess Sara engage themselves in a pretty lengthy conversation with Prince Meru from Indravathi city . Though the conversation and the chapter are pretty lengthy, the philosophy and the spirituality explained was a recollection of teachings of Osho and Jakki Vasudev for me.

The final chapter Evil speaks carried on the momentum of suspense and I found the end really interesting, The twist in the plot was perfectly logical (Which I will not reveal here  ) . The author in the hopes of writing a sequel has ended the book in a rather conventional way for a sequel. (less)

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  1. I have read this book as well as a lot of reviews and in each and every review I found that (in my view) reader have actually not understand the text of the book .It’s quite simple to Understand why the author have used names from around the world that’s simply because He does’t just wrote about a fantasy world but rather the book is out of the world so it’s obvious that characters are from diff culture hence diff names Age of Hiblisk it not just a fantasy but a new religion,culture,explanation whatever you wanna say so it’s obvious that the Author did’t bind it to one language alone and I think that was the master stroke of the book

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