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First Step

So many adventures in our life depend on taking that first step out of our comfort zone. Some bravely work on taking action and leading their lives but some simply fail to muster enough courage to take the first step. … Continue reading

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Independence Day

On the 15th August every year, we celebrate our Independence Day. Many take the meaning and fruits of Independence for granted. Independence is that rare tree for which many have sacrificed their lives, families, love and many precious aspects that … Continue reading

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You Said It – ‘UNcommon Man’

Mr.R K Laxman is one of the greatest of all cartoonist of modern India. He is credited with the creation of a cartoon which later went on to symbolize the common man of India. His other work included creation of mascot … Continue reading

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Shashi Tharoor Speech

This is a very special post as it will help illuminate the ideas, concepts, vision, practices and other fundamentals that go into framing a Foreign Policy for a nation. I have always felt that the Ministry of External Affairs is one … Continue reading

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