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Smoke and Mirrors

This is an old poem that I had written 7+ years ago and stumbled upon it today . Below are few lines from it , not the entire poem. Enjoy!   Morning brings a fresh hope, Night then snatches it … Continue reading

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Life is to be lived in a rhythmic manner. The one activity which if done in rhythmic, balanced manner can help you so much in life and it is – breathing. But life is not as simple as breathing. At … Continue reading

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Book Review – Age of Hiblisk

The below mentioned review was submitted by Mr. Dev on http://www.goodreads.com. Verdict – 4* / 5 BOOK REVIEW: I was lucky enough to win a copy of “Age Of Hiblisk” via the goodreads giveaway and I must say it is … Continue reading

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Mothers Day Greetings

One of the blessed aspects of being a writer is the potential to change lives across the globe. Mothers, help us realize and understand the value of this potential and guide us to be responsible with our craft.  They are … Continue reading

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Keep the Faith

It is an amazing feeling to look up at the stars and watch them twinkle away merrily against the vast backdrop of the night sky. It is really a funny thing that how, with little imagination, when we connect those … Continue reading

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Life truly is a magnificent canvas that we use to paint our dreams on. Our emotions, bonds of friendship and family, our convictions, our values, our aspirations, our actions and sense behind those actions are few of the many brushes … Continue reading

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Miracles happen now and again, here and there, perhaps everywhere. All you have to do, is to develop the ability, to look at them and understand them. I feel, the greatest miracle you can yourself create everyday, is by, ensuring … Continue reading

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