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Lok Manya Tilak – Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Early life Lokmanya Tilak was born at Chummakachu Lane (Ranjani Aaleea) in Chikhalgaon, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra to a Chitpavan Brahmin family. His father, Mr.Gangadhar Tilak was a famous school teacher and a Sanskrit scholar who died when Tilak was sixteen. His … Continue reading

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INDIA – Land of Ideas – Enlightening and Eternal

What is INDIA? Yesterday, we celebrated our 63 year of being a Republic state. The day was marked with amazing, inspiring and patriotic display of courage, culture and valour by the armed forces and  countrymen from various states. The Republic … Continue reading

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Sanskrit – Language of Gods

INDIA is bounded in harmony by many blessings. Rich traditions, culture, way of life, scientific mind, festivals, heritage, innumerable languages and dialects. But I feel there is one gift that acts as a sound foundation to everything INDIA represents and … Continue reading

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