Technology – Boon or Bane?

Technology is one of the greatest invention of mankind.It is so powerful that it shapes our thinking and our way of life within no time.It is ever evolving.Technology is a tool invented and sharpened by humans to make their life easier.Those who know the correct application of technology, be it any sphere of activity, have managed to make lives easier for themselves and to some extent also for others.

I feel the best technological breakthrough was the invention of computers which basically led to further advancement in technology viz the creation of many softwares and hardware. Technology has gifted mankind with various boons but look closely and you will realise that technology have blessed mankind with two very important aspects – facility of communication and creation of time.

Creation of phone, fax, paging services, mobile services, video conferencing etc are few of the facilities that the human mind has been able to conceive with the aid of technology.All have played a very important part in making the world a ‘Global Village’. Technology has ensured that one can easily communicate with anyone on land, in air(aeroplanes) or even when the person is under the calm waves of dark deep-sea (submarines).

But the Time Creation aspect of technology has now posed a challenge and threat which very few had ever thought of. Computers – They have evolved rapidly at the rate of knots. A few decades ago, a single computer was so big that it required a big room to fit in and it used to be surrounded with many fans and other cooling equipments to keep the temperatures down at functional level.Now that same computer can be carried in a pocket with an inbuilt capacity to sustain itself against any threats internal ( Disk Crash) and external (Virus Attack).

One of the main advertisement pointers for computers in the decades of 80’s and 90’s was its ability to save time and human efforts. Such a machine was welcomed with open arms.The ability of a computer to work on data and to enable a person to reach the logical end of a particular task is priceless.This activity helps a person to save time and valuable human effort. But also at the same time such an ability of computer provides a person with the cushion to challenge more tasks than what he would have attempted in the absence of computers.It is an ability that many take for granted and fall for the false assumption that they can manage many tasks at the same time. In comes the element of multi tasking.Whether you do it once or twice or regularly, always remember that it is a feat best performed by a machine and not by a human. Multi Tasking deprives a human being from enjoying his task because he no longer focusses on the task at hand but rather focusses on the process of juggling many tasks at the same time.Such an activity also leads to unnecessary stress. Stress is the bane of modern world.Also, since computers can manage and complete a task usually taken by many people to complete, it also promotes unemployment in the society to some extent.

Yes, technology has helped man take a small step which in time has become a giant leap for man kind, but does anyone really know where this small step is leading us to? Technology was invented and developed to make progress and life easier and simpler. But due to the ill capacity of a human being to completely understand the marvel it has created, life for everyone is slowly changing into a Frankenstein movie wherein the creation is behind the creator’s life.

Technology is important but it is time humans decided where to draw the line. Mother Nature has blessed us with many gifts which we so eagerly neglect because of our over dependence on technology. Try to remember those gifts and master them.A human mind can solve complex mathematical problems even faster than a computer (Please refer Vedic Mathematics). The ancient scholars of India used the gifts of Mother Nature to solve the mysteries of the world (Invention of Zero, Calculus, Encryption – Refer Katapayadi System of Sanskrit Language etc.).Their discoveries were never dependent upon the functioning of machinery.

Technology and machines were created to aid us and not to be our masters.Think wisely as to where technology is leading you to?


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44 Responses to Technology – Boon or Bane?

  1. perika narula says:

    it has made my work easier and have come to know about technology more…….

  2. Arsh says:

    Really helpful

  3. chandan sandhu says:

    very good written

  4. nektha says:

    it is a boon and a bane it totally depends on the way of use of it
    to excess use is a bane
    and at a limit is a boon.

  5. swapna says:

    Nice its helped me a lot thankyou

  6. This truly helped me to understand thank you so much

  7. komal says:

    i think technology a greatest bane in modern life…….

  8. jameboy vergara says:

    technology really helps us in this globally competitive life for everydays transaction…

  9. Shwetha Rajan says:

    This truly helped me to understand thank you so much

  10. aleena khan says:

    it’s an amazing point of view ..
    it helped me a lot in my compitition………………

  11. It is better if technology is less and more simple.

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  13. satvik mishra class 5 says:

    technology is boon because it has made life easy and it is bane because it has caused a lot of pollution

  14. Lalith kumar says:

    Try to avoid using technology in wrong way ,use in right way

  15. Lalith kumar says:

    Im sure about it ,technology is a boon ,the possibilities of world war 3 is less ,so that all the nations show their power through their development through technology.we need to show our power through development of tech . .gy,

  16. Sr Vaibhav says:

    “It is not that technology is bad, but technology these days influence the life of humans to the extent that one depends on technology for everything, even when it is within our knowledge as to how we go about it. Viz., Using a calculator for easy calculations which can be done easily by solving it, etc. A lot of examples can be given. Think to yourself about the possibilities in this list. It has made people lazy. Not just lazy, too lazy to even go to the neighbor’s house to speak to him instead of talking to him over the phone or whatever. One depends on his cars and bikes to even go to the near by shops and places while he can walk to that place which will keep him fit. Anything utilized in a proper way is always beneficial. But once too dependent on it, it can be destructive and can go to the extent of even immobilizing the person.” I guess your post would be complete with these extra few points. But your post was great. Felt good on reading the last paragraph. Great stuff. 🙂

  17. mansi says:

    Everything has its good and bad effect

  18. Manasi says:

    Helped me in a group discussion! Good points

  19. susmita debnath says:


  20. christine says:

    “Those who know the correct application of technology, be it any sphere of activity, have managed to make lives easier for themselves and to some extent also for others.” these is the very effective statement in using our technology and the line which would captivate our mind (like me) in realizing the good usage of it.

  21. devika says:

    very nicely written

  22. Marcus Loong says:


  23. ramya says:

    very gud one….,

  24. rinald says:

    …technology is a bane for whom people become lazy and dependent.

  25. Marianes Parcon says:

    we have many ways of it..!! by using technology boon for blessing and bane for nothing/curse but its all up to us to choose! yeah right …awesome!

  26. NUPUR says:


  27. arvind singh rathore says:

    as we know that evry thing has its two results,good and bad.same like had and tail of a coin.I means everything should be in limit.because excess of anything is dangerous and same thing works with the technology also…

  28. Sushil says:

    Good one!

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